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TSM Operations Facilities

TSM Operations Facilities

Operations Facilities focuses on Efficiency and safety.

Telemundo Studios Miami consists of five main studios fully equipped and functional, a large back lot with the necessary infrastructure to create anything we can imagine inside our own facilities, and a solid team of production and operation services with the most qualified and committed personnel that enjoy and understand what they do while supporting all Operations and Production needs.

Operations Facilities is committed to safeguarding the functionality of all its Studios locations space from a maintenance and organization standpoint with a focus on efficiency and safety first. The Facilities team functionality serves as communication and operation for all services onsite and remote emergency notifications like flood, leak, odor, etc. and service requests from the Facilities Online ticket system such as: Carpentry, Electrical, Exterminating, Painting, Heating/Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Moving, Locksmith, etc.

Our experienced Facilities Services A team is keen to help in all facets to ensure that all projects are run flawlessly and efficiently.

Telemundo Operations Facilities Motto focuses on efficiency and safety.