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TSM Casting and Talent

TSM Casting and Talent

TSM Casting and Talent team continues to recruit the Best Talent for Novela Productions.

Casting and Talent departments play an integral part in Telemundo Studios Miami Productions.

Whether in Miami, USA, South America or Mexico the Talent team is always there, working long hours hand- picking the best available talent needed for the Studios’ different Novelas.

Our Talent team continues to strive for excellence within the department with the realization that building a strong pool of talent is central to the company’s success. For the last three years the team have attracted, developed, enthused and retained talent from all over the Globe, which has resulted in a major advantage over the competition.

The casting Director starts with a positive mindset and deep conviction they are aware that Talent and Casting management is a central part and a key component for achieving success at Telemundo Studios Miami.

Thanks to Casting and Talent department for continuing to bring the best talent to Telemundo Studios this aids in producing some of the best Novelas, as our journey continues.